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A heart for the community, a voice for the people

"My commitment is to ensure that Danbury, New Fairfield, and Ridgefield become more affordable. We will continue to work hard to support our schools. I believe in fostering family-friendly communities through community engagement and transparent decision-making"

Far too often politicians in Hartford refuse to hear our voices and the struggles that many are going through daily. Sky-high taxes, out-of-control crime, wasteful spending, and bad state policies make living in Connecticut less affordable. I’m running for State Senator because I want to make a real difference for our families and communities. I pledge to bring common sense leadership to our State Capitol and be a voice for all of us in the 24th District of Danbury, New Fairfield and Ridgefield.

I’d be honored if you would vote for me, Michelle Coelho as your next State Senator on November 5th (or vote early on October 21, 2024)





As State Senator, Michelle will work across the aisle to create a better environment for hard-working middle-class families and the small businesses that drive our economy.



As a Danbury Board of Education member, Michelle is an advocate for school choice. She believes that parents should have the right to choose the best way to educate their children for generational success.  


Michelle will bring back qualified immunity for our officers, ensure criminal penalties fit the crimes, and support youth programs to ensure that children in our communities are given opportunities to succeed and not go down a bad path. 


Government works best when it is local. Michelle will fight against policies that limit the ability to protect our towns from predatory developers, state mandates, and regional government.


Michelle and her team are actively connecting with the community members in Danbury, New Fairfield, and Ridgefield. Check out their latest activities!

Contact Michelle

To contact Michelle with questions, concerns, to volunteer, or to request a lawn sign, reach out to her team through the contact information listed below. 


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